Press Release about Pope Francis' visit to Cuba and the United States

The board of directors of CAFE (Cuban Americans for Engagement) submitted the following press release regarding Pope Francis' visit to the United States:

CAFE welcomes Pope Francis to the United States after his historic tour of the Republic of Cuba. Having been a major power broker in encouraging the rapprochement between the two nations we salute his dedication to the process of normalization and his message that the Catholic Church serves to " build bridges, to break down walls, (and) to sow seeds of reconciliation." His message for the Cuban people was that of hope and inspiration and the reaction of the majority of Cuban nation was one of jubilation and respect.


We implore the Congress of the United States to listen to the pontiff's previous calls for lifting the embargo against the island nation and to consider his astute analysis of the recent detente "as an example of reconciliation for whole world". CAFE thanks his Holiness for the important role that he and the Vatican have played in the historic re-establishment of relations and his ongoing role in bringing about a more humane and dignified relationship between both nations.