Press Release About the Reopening of Cuban Embassy

The board of directors of CAFE (Cuban Americans for Engagement) submitted the following press release regarding to the re-opening of the Cuban embassy in Washington:

"CAFE celebrates the opening of the Cuban embassy in Washington DC on July 20th. With this step, the history of relations between Cuba and the United States embarks on a new chapter. The embassy is not a gift, but a right of the Cuban people to make use of diplomatic channels to engage with this country in the same way all other sovereign nations do, with equality and reciprocated respect.

We hail the efforts of President Barack Obama, who, along with Secretary Kerry, has triumphed once more over the obtuse political forces that have for so long fomented dysfunctional relations between the two nations. We exhort him to continue to make use of his presidential prerogatives to advance the gradual dismantling of the embargo.

We subscribe to the words of Chancellor Bruno Rodriguez, who reiterated on the opening day of the Cuban embassy ‘the will of Cuba to advance normalized relations with the United States, with constructive animus, but without the slightest devaluation of our independence, nor interference in matters that pertain exclusively to the national sovereignty of Cubans.’ As a reflection of this sentiment, CAFE will continue to expose the obscene and obstructionist nature of the programs aimed at regime change, which are attempts against the sovereignty of the Cuban nation.

CAFE sends a message of congratulations to all those who have collaborated to make this moment a reality, and to the real protagonists of the day: the Cuban people."