Cuban Americans For Engagement (CAFE) press release about Diana Nyad’s sucessful swim between Havana and Key West.

 Cuban Americans for Engagement CAFE congratulates Diana Nyad for her brave achievement of swimming from Cuba to Key West. Nyad’s success is a reminder to Cubans and Americans of how close our two countries are. Governments of both nations should engage in serious conversations to improve the management of common problems associated to our geographic proximity. Nyad's record serves as a call to all of us to end all obstacles blocking normal relations between the peoples of Cuba and the United States. It is time to end the embargo towards Cuba and restore American constitutional right to travel.

CAFE also wants to thank the actions of many Americans and citizens of other countries in their effort to bridge the distance between Cuba and the United States. When pro-embargo Cuban American groups launch attacks against Nyad and the international press coverage of her heroic swim, CAFE reiterates that this lobby does not represent the Cuban American community as a whole, but rather an ever-dwindling minority.