CAFE Press Release on Exclusion of Cuba of State Sponsors of Terrorist List

CAFE/ Press Release

Exclusion of Cuba of State Sponsors of Terrorist List


Friday, April 14, 2015

CAFE celebrates the decision by the Obama administration of removing Cuba from the U.S. State Department's List of State Sponsors of Terrorism. In every visit to the State Department and Congressional offices, CAFE has delivered the clear message that the inclusion of Cuba on the List is not only anachronistic but also a hindrance to the global fight against terrorism. This represents a great victory for common sense because said list should be utilized as a powerful instrument of American foreign policy in the struggle against the scourge of terrorism.

This decision also places the U.S. in a more favorable position with the rest of the hemisphere's nations when the topic of terrorism is discussed in international forums and during bilateral meetings throughout Latin America. 

Recently, referring to the topic of normalizing relations with Cuba, President Obama affirmed that the United States is powerful enough to deal with smaller countries through diplomacy without having to risk much. In that respect, Cuba's placement on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list was a serious obstacle impeding the opening of embassies and eventual normalization. The U.S. risks very little by engaging in diplomacy and removing Cuba from the list.

It is a lamentable fact that the Cuban diplomatic corps in the U.S. has had to run its offices without a banking institution because of this designation which has resulted in a decline in services that should be offered.

 Once this important step is finalized CAFE will continue to call upon both Cuba and the United States to bring their policies and practices within international norms and standards. Our organization will continue to concentrate on bringing together the citizens of Cuba and the United States of America as well as Cubans on the island with its diaspora. We remain convinced that the normalization of relations that both nations' people desire so much is now closer to being realized.