CAFE denounces Marti Noticias for slander

CAFE denounces Marti Noticias for proving, once again, its utter lack of journalistic integrity by publishing an article slandering Arturo Lopez-Levy. Not only was this not original material, being from an obscure blog, but it was also a complete misinterpretation of Lopez Levy's highly sought-after analysis. The article is yet another example of Marti Noticias dissemination of pro-embargo ideology and McCarthyist dogma. 

 The author of this slander, Mr. Alfonso, is well known in Miami circles for his admitted participation in a conflict-of-interest scandal that involved him and other journalists who were working for the Miami Herald while in government's payroll under the George W. Bush administration. Mr. Alfonso never gave back or donated the more than $ 50,000 he inappropriately took from the public budget.

 Not only does Marti Noticias waste taxpayer money with baseless slanders by “journalists” with a spurious past and a questionable professional background, they continually play the role of cheerleaders, instead of objective journalists, when covering Republican presidential candidates such as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Both candidates have vowed to reverse the very measures that an ever-increasing majority of Cuban Americans and 97% of Cubans on the island view as positive and necessary. How can an organization that uses the most important figure in Cuban history, politics, and culture as a namesake blindly support the bluster of politicians who threaten the livelihood and well-being of the Cuban diaspora?   

 From its inception, Radio Marti has served an interventionist agenda in Cuba's internal affairs. However, the pro-embargo role it has taken has never been authorized by the U.S. congress. The issue of supporting or opposing the U.S. embargo towards Cuba is a question of internal debate within the American political community. The U.S. government should not use one more cent of American taxpayers' dollars to promote a policy rejected by a wide majority of the Cuban American community, and by the American population at large. 

 President Obama has called for a new era of US-Cuba relations and Marti Noticias does not fit within that vision, nor does it play any role whatsoever in the process of normalization. As such, it should cease to be a burden upon the American taxpayer.