CAFE commends U.S. representatives for the reintroduction of Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act

Just two weeks before the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, Rep. Mark Sanford (SC-01) and Rep. Jim McGovern (MA-02) have reintroduced the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act for consideration by the 115th Congress, a legislation that would remove restrictions on traveling to Cuba for tourist purposes.

“Unless there is an overwhelming threat to national security, every United States citizen has the constitutional right to free travel as they, not the federal government, see fit”, expressed the representatives in a press release emitted yesterday, January 6 of 2017.

CAFE commends Congressmen Mark Sanford and Jim McGovern for taking the leadership on this matter. Cuban Americans for Engagement is proud to have met with Rep. McGovern in the past to communicate our concerns about this and many other issues concerning the relationship between our nation of origin and the U.S. We look forward to continue working with him, as well as developing new areas of collaboration with Rep. Sanford and other congressmen who are taking a leading roll on issues pertaining to our Cuban and U.S. communities.