CAFE Press Release About Recent FIU Cuban Research Institute Poll

The results published by the Florida International University's Cuban Research Institute validate that a majority of Cuban Americans are clearly in favor of a relaxation of the current policy, the reestablishment of diplomatic ties, and the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba.


The poll reveals that a generational change has taken place in southern Florida. The percentage of those in favor of positive change towards Cuba between the ages of 19 to 29 years old is even more significant because it signals that the influence of  "historic exile" is ever waning.


Former Secretary of State and first lady Hillary Clinton claims in her most recent book that she had suggested to President Obama to take steps towards lifting the embargo because it is an ineffective policy and interferes with the national interests of the U.S.


It is evident that there is a growing consensus among both Cuban Americans and the U.S. federal government about the necessity for a radical change in our policy towards Cuba. A majority clamors for normal relations between two mature and sovereign nations and the numbers of those that hold our policy towards the island hostage for spurious political interests are dwindling.


During our historic conference that took place this past March in Miami those who participated endeavored in elaborating the policies that the current administration could adopt in order to encourage an encounter between the two estranged nations.  It was apparent that despite political differences there is a majority consensus for the necessity of a change in policy.  It is in that same spirit that CAFE travels to Washington D.C. next week for our third trip to meet with legislators and other officials to educate them about this tectonic shift in public opinion among the Cuban American community and to illustrate how our counterproductive policy negatively effects all American citizens.



Executive Committee

Cuban Americans for Engagement


You can find the details of the FIU Cuban Research Institute by clicking here.