Cuba-US Relations Still Stuck In Cold War

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Cuba-US Relations Still Stuck In Cold War

By Rustem Safronov

WASHINGTON (VR) – Despite a slight thaw in relations between Cuba and the United States during the Obama administration, relations between the two countries are still very far from ideal.

Quite radical reforms by the government of Raul Castro, the presence of foreign capital on the island, growing direct contacts between the Cuban diaspora in the United States and Cuba itself have not yet led to the lifting of the embargo.

However, the Cubans on the island do not hide their readiness for change, but only for changes that would allow keeping gains of the revolution including high-quality education and health care. Both the government and the citizens are happy with investments and capital flows, but are obviously not prepared for the restitution of property.

What is the American administration expecting? Obviously, Cuba is changing in response to the processes taking place in a rapidly changing world, and the U.S. government still maintains many of the stereotypical attitudes of the Cold War. And the symbol of this is the existing embargo.

These and more topics were analyzed by Radio VR's Rustem Safronov hosted along with an esteemed panel of experts which included: Ernesto Cabo, a director of Cuban Americans for Engagement (CAFE), Dr. Andy Gomez, a senior policy advisor with Poblete Tamargo, and Alex Sanchez, Research Fellow at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs.

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